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CatalinCornea.ro: the Ukrainian jealousy over the relation of Romania and the Republic of Moldova :)

The Ukrainian commentators fear over a union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania is going to paranoiac arguments in the last period.

But why this fear?
Because Ukraine knows that a part of its territory was taken from Romania by the Molotov-Ribbentrop (Stalin-Hitler) pact.

But this fear of a future union is not based on the normal evolution of a nation. The same nation (Romanian) is the majority population both in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. At a certain moment in history the REunion could be a normal and natural thing if, and only if the population decides so.

Using the same language, having the same culture and history are arguments that could help in the future this nation reunification!

But those natural arguments in favor of this union are not taken into account by the Ukrainian journalists and officials… no!

They see this fear of the union in the fact that in June there will be a joint meeting of the two governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova…

For the Ukrainian commentators this joint meeting is to be the PROOF of the next union.

The Governments of Romania and Hungary have a good history of joint meetings. There have been five joint meetings of the two governments until now!

Can someone think about a union of Romania with Hungary? :)
least not in the next future. :)

So, the Ukrainian commentators should think more how their country can enforce the minimal standard of access to education and to public services of Romanians in Ukraine in their mother tongue as Romania is doing with its minorities. If this happen, maybe there will be also a joint meeting with the government of Ukraine in the future!

That would probably be the end of the Ukrainian jealousy over the relation of Romania and the Republic of Moldova :)

Source: http://catalincornea.ro/2011/04/18/the-ukrainian-gealuousy-over-the-relation-of-romania-and-the-republic-of-moldova-2/

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