vineri, 15 februarie 2013

Romania, “Country of the Year” at BioFach World Organic Trade Fair

reRomania is “Country of the Year” at BioFach, the World Organic Trade Fair that started on Wednesday in Nuremberg, Germany.

“This statute represents an excellent opportunity to promote Romanian organic products and to present to all participants the potential of organic farming in Romania. Our country’s participation with 55 exhibitors at this important event ensures cooperation with other countries that have the same purpose – that of creating a powerful and competitive organic agriculture sector prepared for the future,” an Agriculture Ministry communiqué shows.

“Our goal is that of offering a diversified range of quality organic products that can ensure a healthy life for consumers and European citizens in particular, considering the fact that the latest statistics show a rise in the demand for organic food, so that four out of ten Europeans are choosing this kind of products,” Achim Irimescu, secretary of state within the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, stated during the opening ceremony. The fair’s official tour started from Romania’s stand.


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