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Romanian YouthVoice.ro/English: King Mihai I of Romania blames Winston Churchill: „I cannot ever forgive Churchill, who threw us to the Russians”

re Neither Hitler nor Mussolini ever imagined that a young, inexperienced monarch could change the course of the Second World War with a coup. Or at least to shorten the carnage by six months, writes the Spaanish newpaper El Pais after visiting King Mihai (Michael) of Romania in his home in Switzerland.

“Officially, what I did was get Romania out of the war, in hope of avoiding bloodshed. Although I knew that the Germans would never accept that. In fact, they didn’t, as they bombed us the same day,” the king says.

But during the long years in exile, Mihai was always bothered by what he deems as treason of the West and especially of British leader Winston Churchill. “Romania and all countries east of Germany were abandoned at Yalta,” he said, recalling the February 1945 conference when Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill re-divided Europe.

“I can of course understand why Churchill thought this was the only possible strategy, from the British point of view at least. But I cannot forgive him and accept it.”

The king does not forget that normal people were to pay the consecuences, “the same nations for which the Alies entered the war”, he continues. “And even though there was no oposition from any leader at Yalta against the re-divided Europe, it was Churchill that considered it as a natural solution and perfectly acceptable”.

More details about the interview: http://www.elpais.com/articulo/Revista/sabado/Comi/Hitler/era/estirado/frio/Mussolini/parecia/humano/elpepirsa/20111224elpepirsa_1/Tes

Source: http://www.youthvoice.ro/english/king-mihai-i-of-romania-blames-winston-churchill-i-cannot-ever-forgive-churchill-who-threw-us-to-the-russians/

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